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Rubi & DO IT

Great Brand

Past, Present and Future of a Great Brand


Consolidation of an Idea

Germans Boada, S.A., RUBI & DO IT®, has its origins in 1951 with the invention of a manual cutter for hydraulic mosaic work, created by the Boada brothers.

This new tool had an excellent reception receiving a diploma of honour and the gold medal at the first national exhibition of inventions, held in Barcelona in 1953. The new tool, christened with the name of RUBI® served as a foundation pillar for this company which now designs, manufactures and distributes machinery and tools for the construction industry specialising in tile laying equipment and along with other building materials.


In order to meet its growth requirements, the company has refurbished its headquarters int he town of Rubi, near Barcelona (Spain). An important sector of this new logistics centre has been desgnated to increasing Germans Boada S.A.'s capacity for production threugh the introduction of new assembly lines. At the same time, a new annex has been specially designed to house a large show room, wich includes an audirorium, the RUBI museum and an area exclusively dedicated to training.


Germans Boada Group, Subsidiaries International

Our aim is to provide a personalised service adaptable to the needs of each market. Germans Boada S.A. RUBIDOIT not only relies on its channels of direct distribution in Spain, but also on Branches ans Associates of direct distribution in Europe, the USA and Asia together with a vast range of Agents and Franchises making it possible for RUBI to have a presence in over 140 countries around worldwide.