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Rubi & DO IT


Modern and easy to use tools for cutting and laying tiles

The new RUBI & DO IT range is a faithful reflection of the RUBI philosophy. In this new range, the most advanced technical criteria combine with a strong focus on ease of use and user comfort. Products of the RUBI & DO IT range are innovative products that are carefully designed and have proven functionality, high quality and our guarantee and international after-sales service that applies to all RUBI products. Also, ease of use is a fundamental requirement of all RUBI&Do It products, to ensure that the products are easy to use for all kinds of user, regardless of their technical ability, strength or gender. In this range, men and women, occasional and intensive users will all find the tools most suited to their needs.


A fresh, instructive and direct style is used throughout the line of communication on the RUBI & DO IT range in order to engage users who are less familiar with cutting and fixing ceramic tiles. Packaging that is easy for less experienced users to understand and interpret, together with an on-line guidance service and tutorial sessions for all members of CLUB DO IT through the www.rubido.it.com website.



From the point of view of large DIY outlets at which this brand is aimed, the RUBI&Do It range comprises high quality, premium products, specifically designed for these types of sales points, which also takes into consideration the different profiles of their target public. For this reason, the balanced composition of the range, the optimal turnover of the products, the attractive packaging and the high communication capability of the products themselves are key elements considered
from their initial design. In addition to the product attributes themselves, RUBI makes a great effort to dynamise the range on the internet, where it devotes significant efforts to creating resources and content that aid learning and promote user confidence in RUBI & DO IT products.



Extended guarantee

Likewise, the RUBI DO IT range offers an extended guarantee service of one year for its range of manual cutters, which is added to the guarantee that all the cutters already have. This extension consists of a payment of € 6 for ÓPTMIAS and 12 € for MAXIMAS.

 Once purchased the extended warranty service, the purchaser shall be entitled to withdraw from the same within 15 calendar days after the date of purchase, provided that any unused service.