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The grout joints are so important? - Rubi & DO IT

The grout joints are so important?

The grout joints are so important?

The grout joints are the distance we let between the ceramic tiles and are very important on the quality placement, the finishing and the surface performance.

The Grout Joints

The importance of the grout joints in a tile placement in walls and floor as well, is not always well known and considered for all. The joint, is just the space we let between tiles, and then we fil with grout mortar wich can it made in different colours, sizes and materials, but them are very importants to ensure the correct finishings and the durability of tiles.   

The first point should be pointed, the most known and evident, is the ornamental; we know that can find width joints, narrow, of different colours, bright, dull… A good joint selection also includes the decorative aspect, therefore the producers of this material offer a great variety of colours and finishings in different compositions to adapt each need.

Normally, we can find width joints in rustic stoneware, in terraces, balconies and garden, even in cellars and garages of houses and walls of bars and restaurants. Instead we will see narrow joints in walls sinks in apartments, kitchens... All of them are  relationed with the size and color with ceramic tiles we install, and can choose which color and texture prefer for our finished or need.

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Why the grout joints are so important?

So, what are the reasons why it is mandatory to place ceramics with tjoints? Although not all known, installation joints have very important physical features and which we can not do without. First, are responsible for absorbing deformations in the support, and thereby prevent the transmission of stresses on the ceramic tiles. Land and buildings suffer movements, sometimes dilation and other times contractions, also because thanks to joints avoid these movements impact on the tiles and that they can move or break.

Secondly, they prevent that the tensile stresses generated in the bottom of the tiles, where exert a force on. Sometimes we have seen, or even have been able to pass, that in the kitchen we drop a glass or some blunt object on the ground and we break a tile, or even more than one. One possible cause, and very often is that the installation is done without joints, or insufficient joint. Thus, it is a very visual proof that the boards are responsible to absorb these shocks and prevent breakable tiles.

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Finally, we emphasize the importance of them in terms of respiration surfaces, vapor diffusion outwards and to prevent leakage of water into the interior. As we know, ceramic materials such as extruded stoneware or porcelain and enamel, are impermeable to the passage and absorption of water and water vapor. Because of this, the joints are involved in the transport of water and vapors through the tiles outwards. On the other hand, if we let pass water into the floor or walls, it would damage the adhesive and the support of the installation equipment, which would cause serious problems.

The joints get them with tile spacers and separators, which allow us to make perfect placement of the tiles in position. The most common sizes are 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5 and 10mm and depend on what material we place and if we are working indoors or outdoors.

We are aware that the inclusion in the market of ceramic tiles, porcelain especially for large format and can simulate natural stone or wood someone wants to do the installation without joint. Although we can see relatively normal, as this would affect the naturalness of the finished, fully discourage such practices. By keeping separation between tiles, the grout mortar does not penetrate between them, and this material is adhered to the outer edges. This thin layer progressively will wear with use and due to ground movement and exposing the gaps between tiles.

The grout joints are very important on the quality placement, the finishing and the surface performance.