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How to grout tiles. - Rubi & DO IT

How to grout tiles.

The application of the grout mortar is the last step of a tile installation. Its right application will judge the final result of our tiling job.



The first step will be to prepare the mixture of the grout material with water, following manufacturer's instructions. To do this, we can use the brick trowel or if we have an electric mixer, to save time and get a homogeneous paste.

How to grout tiles. - 1

With the help of the brick trowel we will apply the grout mortar on the tiles.

How to grout tiles. - 2


Disperse the grout mortar over the tiles with the help of the rubber trowel, always diagonally to ensure that the grouts are well filled with the material.

How to grout tiles. - 3


Once we have all grouts filled surface, we will wait almost 20 minutes before start cleaning.

How to grout tiles. - 4


We can continue cleaning; we will use the sponge, water bucket and wringer that will be of great help.

How to grout tiles. - 5


The first clean we can do it with damp sponge to clean the area, and the second with a well wrung-out sponge.

How to grout tiles. - 6


Once we have more or less clean zone proceed to scrub with a common mop and water.

The next day, the setting will be finished and the process is complete.

How to grout tiles. - 7