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To change a broken tile - Rubi & DO IT

To change a broken tile

How to change a broken tile at home



The first step is to remove the grout from around the broken tile. To do that, we use a grout removal tool (Electric or manual) Being careful not to scratch or damage the edge of the tiles around the sides of the broken tile.

To change a broken tile - 1

Once the grout is removed from the Joint. Equipped with (PPE) safety gloves and goggles, we start to break the cracked or chipped tile we are going to replace with a mallet and chisel, working from the centre of the tile outwards.

To change a broken tile - 2

We remove all the pieces of the broken tile and clean the rest of the adhesive and grout from the floor/wall and the edges of the other tiles. You may need to repair any damage to the substrate before fixing the new tile in place.

To change a broken tile - 3


We need to fix the tile using wall or floor adhesive suitable for the situation you are in. Cement based for the floor/wall and dispersion Adhesive (Bucket)) for the walls.

Make sure you get a good solid bed of adhesive on the tile to be fixed, No hollows or voids in the adhesive.

To change a broken tile - 4


Place the new tile in position and with a rubber mallet, tap the tile into the correct place making sure it is flush with the surrounding tiles and the grout joints are even all around the new tile using original spacers if available. By doing this it will assure the new tile does not look like a repair.

To change a broken tile - 5


Let the adhesive dry by following Manufacturer’s instructions.

To change a broken tile - 6


Using a clean bucket place water in it but remember the ratio is approx. 1part water and 3 parts grout. If you are grouting 1 tile you may only need (25cl/ ¼ litre) of water depending on the tile size. Add the grout powder to the water and mix until a smooth consistency is achieved. (Not to runny and not to thick)

To change a broken tile - 7



Apply with a rubber float, pushing the grout to the bottom of the joint. Sweep the float diagonally across the joint making sure you leave the grout at the surface of the tile.


To change a broken tile - 8


Let dry for approximately 20 minutes depending on conditions. (A warm environment will dry quicker than a damp environment) then clean with a wet sponge making sure you do not drag the grout out of the joints by washing to early. A good test is if the grout excess on the tile is drying to a powder then the joints are usually ready for washing.

After 24 hours, we can remove excess dust with a polishing pad or cloth.

To change a broken tile - 9