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Cables in order - Rubi & DO IT

Cables in order

USB cables, microUSB, antenna, HDMI, old mobile phones chargers, etc… cables all around, into a drawer or box and always a big mess one with each other.

With the today’s trick, we will give you a solution to this problem in a quick, simple and above all cheap way.

We just need the cardboard tubes from toilet rolls, as many as cables we have.

We wind each cable separately, and introduce into the cardboard tube one by one and with this simple idea we can keep all our cables together, but not scrambled.

Besides avoiding messes and knots, we can mark in the same cardboard tube the cable type, length, etc., which is inside, so when we need to use one of them it won’t be necessary to dismantle all of them at the same time that we maintain everything in order.