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Clean rests of waz candles on glass jars - Rubi & DO IT

Clean rests of waz candles on glass jars

Sometimes the decoratives candles we bought and use every day are so beautiful. And it’s a shame not take those bottles and glass containers, once we have consumed the candle. Today we will end this problem.

Hi all!

What we will do today, I have thought on more than one occasion. At home we are great lovers of candles and aromatherapy. And what a pity gives us light some of these candles just because of thinking that once consumed not be able to again enjoy such as decorative glass bowl and beautiful.

Well, today we're going to end this problem. With the simple DIY trick I bring you today, we learn to clean up the remains of wax use and reuse all those glass containers that once we called so much our attention.

To do this, just we need a pot or pan, large enough to place the candle inside.

We fill the pot with water, just enough to cover between a quarter and half the height of the glass jar candle.

Heat the water and wait for it to boil. In the boiling water place carefully inside the bottle and leave it "water bath" as long as necessary until all the wax is melted and is completely liquid.

Meanwhile, place in a bowl 3 or 4 layers of paper towels.

When the wax is melted and completely, we remove the bottle, with great care and caution and with the help of a washcloth or dishtowel, the glass bottle is very hot and can burn us.

Pour the liquid wax onto the paper towel that we had placed in the bowl.

Now we just have to cool the bottle and finish to clean the few remnants of wax that can become with the help of a sponge and soap to wash dishes.

With this simple trick we back to enjoy our passion for candles in our most beautiful packaging.

I hope you liked and remember; Think on DO IT!

A hug!