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How to avoid hammering our fingers - Rubi & DO IT

How to avoid hammering our fingers

All of us has been hammered on a finger any time... well, with the DIY trick we bring you today, our fingers will be able to breathe easy for ever.

Hello everyone!

Today we will talk about nails, hammers and ... of course, of fingers! Those fingers, that more than one of us and we may have more than once, beaten us to put nails. What can we do ... even the experts have an oversight occasionally.

Well, today I bring you a simple and practical DIY trick to avoid such accidents once and for all.

Only we need a typical clamp clothesline. I personally prefer the wood lifetime, and then I will tell you why. Anyway, we can also use the plastic.

As more than one of you have already guessed, this is to use the clip as an extension of our fingers to hold the nail. Slightly we open the clip and put the nail in the same gag. Thus we hold the nail without having to physically take it with your fingers. If the clip is made of wood (this is the reason for my preference) we can, to put the first nail, slamming on the jaw of the clamp, to mark a small canal in the timber that will serve us for the rest of the nails are always straight.

Well, once subject the nail with pliers, we present it to the place where you have to stick and hit with a hammer, strong enough for the nail to hold rather that we cannot withdraw then the clamp. Now we open the clip and see the nail longer holds only, so that the last step will finish just nail it.

All made of a fast, safe and economical way.

I hope this new DIY trick will be profitable in the future and remember; Think DO IT!