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How to clean limescale on the head shower - Rubi & DO IT

How to clean limescale on the head shower

Over the years is very probable that water cloggs the outlets of our shower head. With this simple tip we leave as we bought it..

We all know that when the shower watering begins to clog and the water does not come out as expected, in different directions and even splashed out of the tub. With this simple trick will leave the shower head as the first day, in a very ecologic and effectively way.

For that we need a bowl of water and vinegar.

The first step will be to unscrew the shower head hose.

Furthermore, mix water and vinegar, respectively 2/3 and 1/3 portions.

Introduce the showerhead for approximately 30 minutes.

After this time, we will clean the head using a brush or similar. For best cleaning we can stick a needle in small water outlets.

We cleared and ready for use.

To accelerate the process, we can boil the mixture of water and vinegar. Thus,  we will only need  about 15 minutes.