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How to place silicone joint - Rubi & DO IT

How to place silicone joint

With the method that will show you,will not be an excuse to put a silicone joint in toilets and kitchens quickly and easily, using means at our disposal at home

With the tip today, we learn to place a silicone joint in our bathroom or kitchen with a quick, easy and inexpensive way.

We just need an empty spray, washing-up liquid , toilet paper and water.

The first step will be to fill the water spray adding a little washing-up liquid.

Apply the bead of silicone normally, they are usually served with an applicator that will allow us to apply the desired amount, and pulverized to mix completely.

Remove using the finger, slowly, excess silicone.

With a strip of toilet paper we clean the silicone on our finger.

In the last step, we define the final thickness and shape of the board.