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How to screw effortlessly - Rubi & DO IT

How to screw effortlessly

How many times, when trying to set up a simple wooden furniture, one of its screws rebels and do not wants to enter and get fixed? With this simple DIY trick we will put an end to this curse forever and ever.

Hello everyone!

Once again, as every week, I bring a new DIY trick for you!

This time, we will face the dreadful curse known as “The rebel screw”

There have been many occasion, that while assembling or repairing a wooden furniture, especially, those made from hardwoods, a screw has rebelled to us.

What I mean by a rebel screw? Thus, that seems that instead of screw on a piece of wood it is trying to screw up an armoured steel plate. Does not matter how much we will insist, there is no way to screw it and usually or we kill of our screwdriver’s head or the screw’s head broken.

Well, my dear friends, with today’s DIY trick, we will end this terrible curse forever. Now, let us finish once for all with the rebels screws.

When we meet one of these tedious screws, we spread with soap, preferably the one for the dishes, but also serves the one for hands or if we have at our disposal, can also be used Vaseline.

With the screw, or more specifically its thread, well smeared, we can repeat our attempt to screw it and see, the first time always surprises ... as our rebel screw firmly enters peacefully in their accommodation.

I would like, if you allow me, to do a small appreciation for this DIY trick. As you know, many soaps are colored and if our timber is clear and we will not take risks with color, we can use a white soap or best option would be the Vaseline. Of course, remember once we have put the screw, thoroughly clean any rest of soap.

I hope you liked and remember; Think DO IT!